Monday, June 6, 2011

Make it Work!

Here we go! Here we go!
Back to life, back to reality!

Puff...this was a surreal weekend. I'm not even sure most of the stuff even happened. Wedding dresses, new friends, old friends, a little sick, Frankie, fabrics, new orders, Arad is such a small city, Timisoara is bigger and closer, summer is here, the heat is too much, the sun is to high...

...0 work this weekend. That means double the trouble this week! I will have to work harder, longer, faster. Even so, I'm so happy to report that finally a decision has been made! Yuu-huuu! In about a month you'll see what I'm foolishly talking about (and you'll LOVE it)!

Now, let's start the week with a bang!
Keep in mind Karl Lagerfeld's words:
My thing is to work more then the others... show them how useless they are! gotta love him! :)) Ok guys, have a super-duper week!!! Kisses!

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