Sunday, June 12, 2011

For a Killer Look

I know this is going to be a real treat for all you theFword readers, viewers and users!!! Here, for your delight, we have Ted Noten's makeup kit that turns every woman into a pistol-packing spy!
Because if Angeline Jolie is any indication,
the ideal woman is an ass-kicking secret agent.
The project, a 7 series one, is called Necessities for a Woman (to Feel Like a Woman Through the Eyes of a Man).
Dior001 is a gun (Noten’s signature) loaded with accoutrements, including Dior lip gloss, an antique hairpin, an arsenal of pharmaceuticals, a USB stick with “secret information,” 
and a 100-gram sterling silver bar. Likewise,
Chanel001 conceals Chanel lip gloss, an antique hairpin, a 18k gold toothpick, a perfume bottle with an 18k gold mechanism, a 50-gram 24kt gold bar, a USB stick, and a Viagra pill.
In short, all the stuff a girl wouldn’t leave home without.
Wow...a must have girls! Right? Fashionable, cute, killer cool and geeky at the same time. Yep...all the things I love and need to survive in the urban jungle! ;)) So, Bang! Bang away!From: FastCoDesign

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