Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love ARAD!

Back in Pitesti! Arad was a great dream! I love all my friends and here I'm just mentioning a few:

Adina: I'll miss you like crazy!
Mirciu: you are an artist!
J: sometimes, when life gives you lemons, add vodka (no more lemonade and headaches)
Patricia: one day, you'll take my picture! Plsss!
Ana-Maria: you are a fashion diva!
Ioana: always great coffee, but I love your company even more!
Mimi: Asimov, van Vogt...doesn't matter. We bought know that Ivi does whatever he want in his free time!
Mihai: always true, always a friend! Kisses!
Andreea: thank you for telling me about the new season of Futurama!
Noemi: you are amazing and you know I love you
Dani: bike-mania all the way! Yes! I'll join that club!
Bogdan: you know I'm a fashion victim (and I don't want anybody to save me)
Straji: you win some, you lose some!

Got this amazing gift from my friends at KF, because I was complaining I need artwork in my office! LOVE IT!

Images: theFword

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