Monday, July 26, 2010

Candy Dress! Candy Dress!

Oh, I made this dress over 1 year ago for Ioana's sweet 18th B-Day! Wow and I must say, I still love it! Such a fun-cute-sweet thing! ;))

I found the images on Patricia Imbarus's Facebook page! The name of the Dress: Candy Dress and it's the younger sister of this one! Uh, I'm sure missing doing fun projects like the Candy one:)) That's why I'm going to make one soon! Stay tuned!From: Patricia Imbarus, Arina Varga


so.sorry said...

Mi piace molto questo vestito
solzii colorati si bretelele-lele,
vewy pwitty

Arina said...

happy you like it! :)