Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Need of a Robotic Helping-Hand?

Yes, one again, I have the proof that the future will be great!

Enough with doing things yourself, enough with the ever so popular "human-contact"! Your life will surely improve with a little helping hand. A robotic helping hand that is! :)))

Yes! Yes! Yes!!! The Mechanical Butler is here and can't wait to help you! What can it do?

Here is a list and don't forget to check-out the images!
1. Does your makeup
2. Does your nails (no more jib-jab at the Nail Saloon)
3. Helps you dress (without making you feel uncomfortable. Because it's not a man, it's a robot without feelings!!! yeee)
4. At parties, this Butler because a fantastic bartender, making fantastic and high-class cocktails!And many more! It's up to you to find out! Plus, it's fitted shape makes it great to easily deposit - not much bigger then a closet!
Get you own now!!!

From: Nistagmus

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