Friday, June 19, 2009

Banksy vs. the Bristol Museum

Like many others, I am a Banksy fan, groupie...or whatever you want to call it! So, after the exciting underground metro exhibition (last summer in London) and the pet shop, it was time for something new!

What happened, just blew my mind! Once again, he managed to surprise us. Here is the story:
...The reason the museum was closed was kept secret from top council officials. The exhibition and its location have been a closely-guarded secret since October, with just a couple of museum officials in the loop.
Museum director Kate Brindley said it was a huge relief to finally be able to talk about the exhibition, and admitted they had taken a "risk".

Plans for the summer show were kept from Bristol City Council chiefs until Friday - the day before it was due to open.
Bristol has had a love-hate relationship with Banksy since he started stencilling on the city's walls in the 1990s. There is likely to be criticism of the decision to stage an official expo of his work...
(from BBC NEWS) (Images from The Guardian)What will be achieved with this exhibit? Well, as Banksy himself said: This is the first show I’ve ever done where taxpayers’ money is being used to hang my pictures up rather than scrape them off.It's just amazing that there still are artist that manage to make us feel like little kids: surprised and happy. He's Santa!!! We don't know who he is, but we love him and can't wait for him to give us something new!...or maybe Batman (just because he looks cooler!!!)


Anonymous said...

This is fabulous!!



Andreea said...

omul asta e genial. f taaaare, vreau si eu la expo asta!

Arina said...

pai in cazul asta, facem excursie organizata:)) Cu ghid cu tot :)))

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