Thursday, June 4, 2009

Colouring in Calms Me Down ... the name of the s/s 2009 collection, of the New Zealand designer Jaeha-Alex Kim. The concept was inspired by French movie The Dreamers (2006) about misunderstood youth in the setting of the French student riot.The combination between loud clothes and the soft models gives such a strange contrast, that I just have to love! Soft, but at the same time rebel! As far as I'm concerned it has a very French - always a good thing in fashion:)).In 2008, Jaeha-Alex Kim was selected among the 10 finalists in the prestigious Mango Fashion Awards. You can read here more about his work, in a sort of biography.

I like it, but I must admit, it really has a Mango feeling :)

From: Jaeha-Alex Kim and Nerdy-Trendy

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Beau Bazar said...

It realy doas have a Mango feeling! and I a have also seen the movie some time ago.

I like your blog! I linked it to mine. Do you consider doing the same? :)