Saturday, June 20, 2009

...Fire in the Sky!

This summer is the weirdest one yet...the hot air, the windless atmosphere, the loud music and all the work that just keeps on coming (don't get me wrong, I love it, but I'm just a little tired and overwhelmed).

So, all this mixed feelings brought me back to my childhood song (if ever a movie will be made about my life, this will be the them song). Yes, a grew up with Deep Purple (plus a few others...some other time) thinking they were the coolest guys ever.

This until I got a little older and realized that they were rock gods :))) at least as far as fashion goes (purple-the color of true rock royalty!). So, whenever looking for some rock inspiration, think purple and listen to Deep Purple!

...or just Paint it Black! :)))))

Here is Smoke on the Water . I'm sure many of your friends know to play it on the guitar...well, I don't know how that happened but believe me, it's true!
As far as I go...I play a mean Smoke on the Water on Guitar Hero! Yes, yes! I rock!!!


Anonymous said...

Deep Purple still rocks!
Astept cu nerabdare concertul lor la Nantes (Franta) in decembrie.
Urmaresc blogul tau de cateva luni cu mare atentie, subiectele sunt interesante si imi place universul tau.

Katia, nantaise, 32 ani.
Sorry for my romanian :)

Arina said...

da, Deep Purple still rocks, especially on their "Deep Purple in Rock" Album!

Multumesc mult pt. comment, m-am rusinat tare tare de tot :)) Oricum, promit ca in viitorul apropiat sa postez mai mult, mai des, mai bine! :))