Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Work & Health & Fashion

yeah, 3 things that don't really work in a great manner.
Well, I guess because 'fashion' is considering it's self the most important thing ever and simply consumes your health, trough work.

In my mind, I am making perfect sens!

For the past few months we've all been working really hard (here at Atelier Arina Varga). And hard work means little time to take care of the health. One of us felt a little sick yesterday (luckily she's all better now) and that got me thinking about the awful things I am putting my body trough, for the sake of a dress (maybe).

But it's all good! I have someone to take care of me, bringing me tea (that I hate, but know it's actually good for me), a person that bugs me about taking my vitamins and that is simply the rock I need to go on. Happy hard days! Got to love them!

So, take care of yourselves and work hard!

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