Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous - X-mas Edition

Yes, the weekend that just went by, was an Absolutely Fabulous one! I told you all about it on facebook but didn't had the time to chat about it here.
But most of you came to see me and I was sooo happy with your surprise! :***

Sadly I don't have many images (yes yes, I'm getting old and lazy) so I'm using the ones that Fabian Tatomirescu took. Also, the few ones I took, here! I promise next time to put more effort into all this. ;))

Well, beside the fact that I was crazy tired and cold, it was great! I got to meet a few new and talented designers, I chatted with the older ones that I get to see so rarely and (my favorite part) I got to meet with my clients! Oh, love them all so so much because they are (BELIEVE ME) adorable!

Home, it snowed a lot. So, winter is here, Christmas is almost here and the deadline to all those holiday dresses is getting closer! So, back to work! :***And an image with the two of us, tired and hungry:
Images: Fabian Tatomirescu

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