Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another Day...

...more events!

Oh, the month of December is one of the hardest and most beautiful ones. So much work to do, so many clients, plus other events (tv shows, radio shows, shootings and so on). But I'm not complaining! Love it!!!

Today I was on the set on a tv morning show, right here in Arad. Together with me were Ioana Predescu (make-up artist) and Bianca Pilan (hair stylist) and we talked about outfits, hairstyles and make-up for special events, like the up-coming New Year Party! Yuu-huuu!

So, what do we think it's hot right now? Well, we all agreed that girls should take into consideration where the event takes place. Other then that, they can start building an outfit starting from the hair, the make-up, the shoes, the jewellery or (as we often do) the dress/outfit.

My advice:
Wear something crazy!
Something you wanted to wear all year long, but didn't really had the opportunity to. Now it's the perfect time to do it!
+remember to kiss a man at midnight! ;)))

This is what I wore today!
the blouse: Missy Messy Roots a/w Collection
the skirt: I made from the leftover fabric from my loved one everyday jacket (I'll show you ass soon as he lets me take some pictures of him wearing it)
the necklace: is from Jamais by Rada Ureche.

That's about it for today! Kisses!
*sorry about the blurry face...I just didn't have time for more photos.

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