Friday, September 23, 2011

V for Vintage

24-25 September
Sala Dalles (Bvd. Nicolae Bălcescu, no. 18, Bucharest)

As I am writing these lines, I am also thinking not to forget anything. Yes, we are leaving for Bucharest (AGAIN!!!) and we want to be sure we'll bring you everything you need!

So, visit the V for Vintage Fair, to find: the All Along the Watchtower Collection, the L.O.V.E. Collection, the I Scream SPLASH! collection, pieces of Paint it Black, plus a special surprise for the man: a few Mocking Bird T-shirts!

Be sure to be there, 'cause the prices will be spacial! (the usual, at fairs, we offer a discount!)
Rock and Roll kisses all the way!!!From:

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