Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wanna Have a Snobbish Breakfast?

OK, I know you normally answer "Nooo!" with a huge shock on your face (even tough you are more then tented to say "yes" and accept). But this is not the case! Because I'm not talking about eggs and bacon and refreshing tea served in white china!

Meet "Snobbish Breakfast" by Ana-Maria Morodan aka. miss HighStreetCardigans. It's a mini collection of a few long-jersey dresses, perfect for having fun in the sun. I really love all of them, but my personal all-time favorite is the cafe au lait color one, with the ruffled sleeves.

So, for the remaining days of summer (and I think there will be a few hot ones) I say you should enjoy a Snobbish Breakfast!

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