Monday, August 30, 2010

Retro Fashion in Bucharest

YES! Again, something in connection with me moving from home :))I was looking around an amazing photography site (Muzeul de fotografie - the Photography Museum) and I came across this photo:You (if you are not Romanian) just can't imagine how unrealistic this photo (magazine cover) is! :))
Text from site:
It is the cover of the famous magazine Der Spiegel of August 1964 announcing an extensive feature report on Soviet policy relaxation in the Eastern Bloc countries. The photograph illustrates the entire idea very well. We have a clean and spacious Bucharest, with a group of relatively Westernized, John Travolta – Grease – like young people next to the most important Soviet symbols in the capital: Lenin and Casa Scanteii.
From: Muzeul de Fotografie

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