Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mommy's Little Princess!

This week, was my mom's birthday (May 21st). But with all the work I have, I didn't get to wish her an on-line Happy Birthday! She is great and as far as style, she is a true inspiration to me.When she was about my age (even younger) she used to make her on clothes (pieces I am still wearing, because they are just so fabulous). She combined crazy colors and different fabrics, things that normally wouldn't go great together. But even with all the craziness, she still had as simplicity about her, a clean and fresh look. I love it!

She collects shoes (like a true fashionista).
She wears white, but doesn't get dirty (no matter what).
She managed to spend her whole life on high-heels.
She matches the color of her shoes to the color (and fabric) of her purse, because she will always be a lady (keepin' it old school)
And...oh, she was in love with Lennon! :))))))

So, A Late Happy Birthday Mommy, you are my inspiration! :)


BURP said...

Happy birthday from us, too! That's a lovely pic and your mom seems to be pretty cool. Keep getting inspired :)

Arina said...

Thank you very very much:) That's so nice of you !:) Yes, she's pretty cool (but let's not forget, that at the same time...she's a mom:)) )

Anonymous said...

La multi ani mamei tale!
Eu sunt nascuta pe 22 mai:D