Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A New Collaboration

So, right now I am packing dresses, skirts and tops for a newly opened store in Bucharest.
It's called Vanilla Beautiful Store (doesn't that sound yummy?) and you can find them here: Putul Lui Zamfir Str. no. 37, Bucharest, Romania.

I am always excited about new collaborations and I really can't wait for this one. It's really fun preparing products for new stores. Because you have to think about their clients, their taste in fashion, sizes and so on. Of course, some of this things will become clearer after I'll have my products there for a few weeks, but talking to the owners really helps.

Yey! Hopping for good things!!! I'm going to go now (lots of work, lots of dresses to be done! Yes, the holidays are coming!) kisses!

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