Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishes For 2009

1.Finish my next collection for women (Summer 2009). Yes, I know I'm late :)

2.Make a men collection (Autumn 2009). It will be a true challenge, but I have good faith in my ideas. Clean lines, great cuts and as a plus, I'll feel the fantastic look of the interior of the jacket!

3.Meet 2 girls I admire: Jul and Deea!

4.Get my hands on a pair of Ndeur shoes! Note sure which one...uh, I love them all!

5.Rock at a Red Hot Chilly Peppers concert
...and if they decide to dedicate Porcelain (my favorite song), I won't mind!

6.To have a photo spread in WAD Magazine
My all time favorite fashion magazine! Buy one and you'll finally understand why fashion was meant to be fun!

7.Go at Bread&Butter Barcelona with Mocking Bird

8.Find a place to call my work place

9.See my designs in real stores (not just on the web). This one is a must!

10.Play Dungeon&Dragons with my Hero!
Living a life of fun, fashion, games and vinyl records! Love it!


Jul said...

Arina, m-ai facut praf, nu altceva!:)
Multumesc mult si da, cred ca ar fi cazul sa ne cunoastem!
In 2009 iti urez ca muzele sa stea lipite scai de tine, sa muncesti cu drag si totul sa vina de la sine!

Arina said...

ok, it's a must! :) Cat despre urari, right back at you!

Deea said...

hei am revenit, am iar net :) acum am citit ultimele posturi de la damn, i'm eu de abia astept sa te cunosc, sa stam la o cafea si la mai curand sper :D te pup, inspiratie maxima cu noua colectie