Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Emperors New Clothes

Enough is enough. Yes, Michelle Obama is pretty cool, but what about the man himself? What are designers preparing for Barack Obama? Well, take a look and then vote for your favorite!(I like the Rag & Bone tux)
Brooks Brothers:
Tim Hamilton:
D Squared, Salvatore Ferragamo, Paul Smith:
Marc Jacobs, Rag and Bone, Thom Browne:
Duckie Brown:
Sean John:
Tommy Hilfiger:
So, here are the top favorite designs for Obama's upcoming inauguration ball:
Above, left to right: Tommy Hilfiger, Rag & Bone, Tim Hamilton, Marc Jacobs.
Above left to right: Brooks Brothers, Thom Browne, Nautica, Sean John.
Plus, some great ties (you never think about these little details that make the difference) from all the named designers:
From: Pipeline and mensrag


Jul said...

Hilfiger. Primul. Totally!

Arina said...

Pentru US President, Hilfiger e raspunsul :)) Always!:)))