Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Designer Pugs

All 22 of them!
22 fashioned pugs!
22 adorable couture pugs!

Uh...is pointless blabbering about how much I like them and how much I want that hardcore Balmain. I'm sure you already looked at all of them and each one of you has their own personal favorite! Please tell me about your fashion-pug!

But, this is more then a toy canine fashion show!
Luisa Via Roma have teamed up with Steiff toys and a selection of top fashion houses to produce 21 fashionable pugs you can bid for on eBay.
Pug Dogs For Happy Kids aims to make as much money as possible for UNICEF, with the action running from today until May 6th.
Hmmm...look at that! May 6th!
Ohhh, what a coincidence my dear friends!!! Yes, yes! Only one day before my birthday! Puf! Isn't this cool?! Now you don't have to look for my birthday present. Now you know what I want! Perfect!!! ;)))

Yep...after this I won't have anymore friends...:| Ok, I was just kidding friends! Or was I?!

Getting crazy here so that's my "Q".
Over & Out! From: Coco's Tea Party, Luisa Via Roma

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