Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Fashionable-Fun-Saturday

First of all...SORRY about not posting too much. As you know, I moved to another city and the Internet I'm using is really bad! So...have some patience with me, because I got a lot to shear!

So, here I am with some blogger friends and fashion world friends at Absolutely Fabulous Fair - the summer edition. Had so much fun there, I just can't say into words! Kisses to Diana and Alina and I just want to thank them for organizing the event!

And yes, I'm wearing an AC/DC t-shirt, that I got from a good friend and that I just love. (hmmm...a lot of love in this post, don't you agree?)

Do you recognize the bloggers? I'm sure you've noticed the one that really know how to wear her cardigans! ;)) Love you sweetie-pie Ana-Maria!I look like a bad-kid...i know ;)) Anyway, I've met some interesting people recently and I just can't wait to share with you their work. Plus, I'm preparing a really cool project, that I'm sure u'll enjoy!


Mihai said...

It's SHARE not SHEAR, and the friends love you back you fashion wild child!

Arina said...

hihi! sorry! se mai intampla;) kisses and love backkk!!!