Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Retro Future Anyone?

I love Milla Jovovich and I love the work of Simon Upton. I love fashion, I love the ideas of the "retro future". I love the clothes in this shoot, I love Harper's Bazaar and I would love to visit Singapore.

So...I guess I love this photoshoot by photographer Simon Upton, for the Singapore edition of Harper's Bazaar, featuring Milla Jovovich! ( :)) this was a useless paragraph, I know)From: Format Magazine


Ink and Belle said...

Haha, I love it too! The shoot is very well throught out and visially exciting and pleasing. I like how the model holds her body so robotically without looking... well silly :D xxx

Sarah @http://www.inkandbelle.blogspot.com

Roz said...

ah i love these pictures, and i loove harpers bazaar too!!

great blog!
im following, and luv'n all your posts!

Hera Baroque said...

Retro future is my cup of tea, too!
Reminds me of Captain Sky and the World of Tomorrow... By the way, in ce consta concursul de pe style and the city.ro, Little Candy Dress ? Site-ul merge groaznic si nu pot sa vad despre ce e vorba, nu se incarca fully...


Arina said...

@ Ink and Belle: couldn't agree more! The girl knows what's she's doing, what the shooting is all about!

@ Roz: too sweet! 10q!!! Kisses and Love!

@ Hera Baroque: the Captain Sky and the World of Tomorrow comparison rocks! Oh, so true!
Asa...despre concursul respectiv...a fost acum un an:))) sorry! Sincer, nici eu nu prea inteleg care e faza...:)