Friday, November 6, 2009

2012 in November 2009

2012 hip-hop album, with comic book! Amazing! Love the fact that something different is out and made 100% in Romania!

A few days ago, at the RFB meeting, I had a conversation with a fellow Romania fashion blogger and I cam to the conclusion that even if not all my post are directly under the influence of fashion, theFword is a 100% fashion blog. This only because fashion is influence by everything (art, science, sports...even politics). So I am more then happy to support this project!

Plus, they had some fantastic t-shirts (hope more will come) made by Colorblind

I want my own! Orders on Asculta2012Great (and silly at the same time) video!From: Asculta2012 & FacemRecords
PS: The images are actually wallpapers!

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