Monday, February 9, 2009

My Grandma's Backyard : 14-15 FEB

Bucharest and fashionistas, a fashion frenzy is coming your way! On the 14th and 15th of February, at The Ark: Grandma's Backyard fashion fair!
Present with great fashion (clothes, accessories) will be:

Rozalb de Mură (one of the biggest Romanian brands, the biggest in it's fashion sector. I just don't know how to describe it...I just can't wait to see their designs!!!)
George Enache (a designer that I've already told you about a few moths ago, HERE. His designs are very well constructed, pure, but -just the way I like it - with a twist)
Veronica Vartic (bags that you must show-off, bags that look like they are going to travel you to the end of the world and back)
Andreea Bădală (a very geometrical designer. Her clothes a proof that fashion and math go great hand in hand)
Zasha (cute clothes, with great lies and a little bit of sparkle)
Coca Zaboloteanu ( I love her and her shoes. Such a fairy personality)
O by Nes (believe me, Andrea Szilagyi - the designer for this brand- will come with come fantastic shoes and bags)
Fandacsia (cute port-teat accessories)
and many more!!!
+ ME, Arina Varga!! :) I'll come with great spring dresses, t-shirts, vests and much more! Can't wait to meet you all there!

All this, thanks to the fantastic and inspiring Gabriela-Maria Vlad!

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Anonymous said...

I-am mai spus unei bloggarite care a scris despre acest eveniment ca nu este corect!Ce au cu saracu` Cupidon??

BURP said...

fab leapsa :)

Gabriela Vlad said...

choo, GLUMESTI? ia-o ca o caterinca, ceea ce si este!

@ Arina, "Gabrila" suna bine , ca un personaj din povestile lui Ion Creanga =))

Anonymous said...