Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Careful What You Wish For...

Everybody knows this! You would think! ;)))

I mean, yes! We know the saying, but what we don't know is how to put it into practice.
As far as what I think...it's always the same! There are 2 sides to the coin! You might wish for something and it can go great, or it might get pretty ugly (I know, like most of you, that is what usually happens to me too).

Usually, but not always!
I consider myself an extremely blessed person! (no bragging here, just being grateful). I have a great family, I'm sharing everyday with the love of my life, I have fantastic friends and a super-duper atelier that is growing day by day + cats that ... well, love me in their own way.
So, even with all this coolness going on in my life, I did get the chance to say 'Be careful what you wish for...' and BANG! It my with came true in the most horrible way! :))) I'm sure you know what I'm talking about (if you used to read my blog, you'll surely know the story).

But, in the end all is good.
Because I'm a true believer in:
and my personal favorite (because Karma...right? :))))))) ):

But, why am I writing all this now?
Well, I wished for something and it came true!!!!!! In a great way (if you don't count getting old). I wished for freckles and I got them!!!!! Happy Happy!!! Oooh! The joy :D
Yes...very tired (I work a lot and I don't know and really don't want to modify my photos), but with lovely freckles! :D
So, you can see that sometimes, wishes come true with happiness!